On this page: 7 AI business courses for £7
On this page:
7 AI business courses for £7



This will work for you Even if you hate tech, have never used AI before, or don’t even know what AI Is…

7-course fast start bundle

Get the 7-course fast start bundle, no trial, just time and money-saving AI for only £7

Our simple-to-follow, easy-to-implement AI Courses will take you from procrastinating to a top 1% AI user in the first 15 minutes

Yes really, this stuff is that powerful…

By the time you have finished all seven, investing just 15 minutes a day and less than the cost of a Big Mac Meal and a coffee, you will change your habits, productivity, and earning potential forever

You may be asking how is that even possible? 
Well, let me ask you this: Has anybody ever really taken the time to show you how to use AI properly??
I am guessing the answer to that question is no and that’s exactly why we have put together our most insane offer in my decade-long career of training business owners. I have seen first hand the impact this has had on our clients and I am betting that if I hold your hand through the process of using AI to save you 4-5 hours a day and increase your income-generating skills forever, you're going to want to work with us in the future. 
That’s exactly why we created AI Launchpad £7 for 7 AI Courses.
These 7 easy-to-use, short courses take you from AI novice to AI power user, this means you will start getting more done in a day than most get done in a week, and start to discover the role of AI in your business no matter if you run an empire or want to get an idea off the ground.
The impact this will have on you will be pure transformation. 
So here’s the deal.
Invest £7 pounds in yourself.

Get invited into a community of AI launchpad users.

Get instant access to 7 courses designed to give you a super-fast start and some mega-quick wins.

Invest 10-15 minutes a day in watching the easy-to-follow simple courses.

...and you will say goodbye to these bad business owner habits forever

- Not knowing where to start 
- Stressing out because you never make as much progress as you planned 
- Trying to plug holes and get stuff in business by employing freelancers or expensive staff 
- Extending your hours every single day, destroying your work/ life balance 
- Putting things off time and time again because you don’t feel in creative mode 
- Being a slave to social media even though it isn’t producing any income ess in your life.
...and say hello to..
- A new productive version of you 
- Finally feel like you’re making progress and getting it all done 
- Leave your work every day feeling fulfilled 
- See your teams level up and get more done in a day than they used to get done in a week 
- Start working on new projects that bring money and clients in, because you have free time 
- Close the leaky buckets in the business and be able to follow up and sign clients whilst doing other things 

I have seen the power of AI in the business owners we personally coach and mentor, I want to put my foot forward first and show you the positive change AI can create - that’s why we created Launchpad to make this the simplest easiest decision you have ever had to make.

Take action now as it's likely this is the only time you will ever see this page.

I look forward to meeting you in person, and coaching and mentoring you personally to that next level of success in your life.

ONE-TIME offer to get all of this for only £7! change your business now

here is everything you're getting for just £7!


Chat GPT Fast Start launchpad

Step-by-step launchpad to using the world's hottest AI tool. Discover 'Chat GPT Fast Start' – your essential guide to getting started with AI in business. Learn the basics of ChatGPT, uncover practical strategies for AI adoption, and unlock transformative possibilities. Elevate your business operations and customer engagements with this indispensable tool.



The Black Book of AI Tools

A walkthrough of all the tools you're missing out on! ChatGPT represents only a glimpse into the vast world of AI. 'The Black Book' delves deeper, revealing my handpicked selection of lesser-known AI tools that remain untapped by many.
This curated collection spotlights solutions that not only drive efficiency and innovation but also offer significant savings in time and cost. Transform your business with these game-changing tools!



ChatGPT Perfect Prompts

Discover 'Perfect Prompts'—a collection of proven prompts tailored for business success. These 'done 4 you' commands are ready to cut, paste, deploy, and win. Use them to save time, craft content, or analyse data with precision. Unlock the power of AI in your business effortlessly!



AI Social Media Strategy

Introducing 'The AI Social Media Strategy' - a unique approach that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to boost your social media results. Discover the secret AI-driven techniques that elevate engagement, increase visibility, and overflow your inbox with inquiries.



AI email money machine

Dive into 'AI Email Money Machine'! Learn how to use AI to make your emails work harder for you. Get better at following up, keep your audience engaged, and earn more from your existing email list. It's a simple way to boost your income with smarter emails



AI game changing plugins

Uncover the true power of ChatGPT and more with the latest game-changing add-ons. Supercharge your AI experience and unlock a new world of functionalities with the best plugins available. Whether you're a beginner or an AI veteran, this guide offers tools to elevate and revolutionise how you use AI in your business.



ethical competition hacking

The definitive guide to leveraging AI tools for fair and responsible competitive research. Uncover techniques that provide valuable insights into your competitors' strategies, all while maintaining ethical standards. Understand your market better, make informed decisions, and achieve a competitive edge without crossing boundaries. It's the future of research, done right.


what our clients say after following our ai launchpad training

ben smith - photographer

Photographer Ben struggled with procrastination and making the most of his time when he wasn't out shooting with clients. following the training Ben was able to get hundreds of hours back every week, and was able to accelerate the launch of his new website, making him £1000's in the process.

chava Horn - Toy and Stationary Wholesaler

Was able to rewrite and optimise thousands of amazon product listings in a super-quick time. thanks to the training, Chava is using ai tools in every area of marketing in her business and has saved hundreds of hours every month!

Kalvin Morris - recruitment

Kalvin has embraced the AI revolution and is using AI tools in every area of his recruitment business, from creating marketing scripts to legal contracts and following the training. Kalvin is now automating tasks that previously took hundreds of manual hours per month to complete

Pete and Sue - Bespoke Yacht Maintenance

Pete and Sue were sceptical at first but soon adopted AI in their business and are saving several hours per day thanks to AI for business unlocked training!

Trevor and Julia - Property Development

Property training business owners Trevor and Julia already have a successful business and felt overwhelmed by all the hype around ChatGPT and AI for business. following the training, they are now using AI to assist them with social media, saving time every week and getting things done much faster than before.

hannah viney - public relations

Hannah was a one-person army, doing everything herself and struggling to get everything done in good time. following the AI for business unlocked training, Hannah is using AI to expand her team.

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ONE-TIME offer to get all of this for only £7! change your business now

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